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Advertising is the process of bringing information about a particular product or service to potential consumers thus increasing the sales of that particular product or service. Advertising attempts to orient customers to specific qualities of a product or service through repetition of words. They may also make use of music or rhyming words to attract and hold the attention of the audience. The traditional means of advertising are – newspapers, magazines, television commercials, radio advertisements, outdoor advertising or direct mail. Advertising can be divided into two sub categories – commercial advertising and non-commercial advertising. The techniques used in advertising depend upon the intent behind the activity. Two of the most popular advertising methods are

Television – Television advertising is perhaps the most popular form of advertising. The reason behind its popularity is its scope of outreach. Television advertising allows an advertisement to reach scores of people thus multiplying the visibility of a given product or service. Additionally televisions also allow visual and auditory cues that may be used to cater the product to the audience in an effective manner. TV ads use attractive imagery often exaggerating the product to market the product or service. Many a times a brand mascot is used to attract customers – the Marlboro Man, an American cowboy smoking Marlboros, is a good example of this. TV ads may also use jingles or short rhyming tunes to embed a product into the audiences mind essay.

Radio –   Before the invention of the TV the radio was the most prominent form of advertising. Like its successor it allowed an advertisement to reach a vast number of people in a cost effective manner and thus was and to a great extent still is an ideal means of advertising. Since radios can’t give visual cues advertisements on it rely heavily on jingles and catchphrases to market the product to the consumer. An example of a popular jingle is the “Make a date today to see the USA and do it in your Chevrolet…” sung by Dinah Shore for the Chevrolet automobile company.


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